What do our clients say about us?

We routinely receive amazing feedback from our clients.  Here is what they have to say….

"Fantastic - well done! For my part it has also been one of the most interesting, intense and exciting projects I have been part of"


Insightful and inspiring on a journey of self-discovery to being the best I can be in all spheres of my life.


Questions of Difference provide insightful strategy for dealing with the real world; exploiting conflict as a resource rather than fearing it as a barrier.


You will be catapulted into a new way of thinking, that could just make an adventure out of your day at the office tomorrow. And you will be laughing as you go.

Peace Direct

Our thinking needs to be continually challenged if we are to move beyond what is currently possible.


You give inspiration by showing courage past and present in abundance. Your honesty about life in general is refreshing and people instantly warm to your incredibly playful personalities


You are always behind me supporting me, ahead inspiring me, and at my side encouraging me. Thank you for all three.


The experience at Abuja changed my life completely! It’s like my life began then. I can’t believe I have so much potential.

InterAction Programme

One of the most interesting and thought provoking events that I have been to for a long time.

Post Office Consulting

Thank you so much for your contribution. You have all been tremendous. We have a new hunger in our organisation. We have changed our mind-set. It is a under estimation to say this project has exceeded expectations.  – Coloplast

“Your generosity of spirit and natural feeling and empathy towards people was evident and, no doubt, influenced us all, in our own way. I felt very privileged to have worked with you and very much look forward to similar opportunities in the future.” – Birmingham City Council

“Questions of Difference identified immediately with our culture, challenged our thinking and created scenarios for organisational development we had not used before.” – Ipswich Borough Council

“Their experience, knowledge and enthusiasm provided us with exactly the kind of practical solutions we needed.” – Royal Mail Consulting

“Now there is definitely an air of ‘can do’ and ‘want to do’ – it makes for an exciting working environment.” – AstraZeneca

“The leadership journey that Questions of Difference have taken us on has brought us to a point where our interventions in many facets of the organisation are appreciated, and welcomed.” – DfES

“Thank all of you for your time, commitment, creativity and stimulating input.” – Inland Revenue

“You were very impactful and you did this with care and subtlety. You steered our thoughts and conversations to deal with what we needed to address” – RSA

“A life-changing intervention that will have a ripple effect on all who come into contact with me.” – Cadbury

“Accelerated personal growth with a ripple effect on the business culture.” – Cadbury

“Thank you for your challenge, support and thoughtful reflections on the Programme. It has been an excellent experience for me and due in no small part to your unique insight and contribution.” – RSA

“…Questions of Difference people are very strongly based on who they each are – you engage with them as individuals – they are real people who are stimulating, bold, unusual and passionate and who make theory accessible, practical and useable.”

“People who have worked with Questions of Difference the most can start a conversation from a different place with the skills they have acquired – part of what you get.”

“Questions of Difference are never boring, run of the mill or predictable.”

“Megazest is the word that captures the energy and focus of Questions of Difference.”

“…the way Questions of Difference work is long lasting because emotions are engaged, the memory is deep and therefore, ultimately more useful than more cerebral training and development.”

“…Tremendous things have happened as a result due to their belief in people, fabulous things happen…”