War is easier than peace

By August 14, 2014Conflict
Turn on the TV at any time of the day and the chances are that a programme about conflict will soon appear on your screen.  From World War 1 commemorations to war in the Middle East, to political infighting to hostile corporate takeovers, we are confronted daily by a troubled world.

Conflict is often about being angry, having a fixed position, not listening and having an incredibly strong sense of what is just. Being in conflict means that people are not required to listen to each other, be open about their fears or be vulnerable. People are often taught at a young age that it’s wrong to show fear or emotion.

The world and organisations cannot sustain this paradigm.

Peace is harder for the simple reason that people need to be prepared to have a conversation and be able to listen to and learn from different perspectives. People have often not been taught how to do these things and, importantly, often people don’t believe that a different outcome is even possible.

Our challenge is do we really have the courage to put the hard work and effort into resolving a conflict when we know that it’s holding us or our organisation back? Just imagine what could be achieved if the enormous energy spent in anger could be translated into innovation, creativity, happiness and in the case of organisations, business success.

As an individual, who do you need to make peace with?  As an organisation, how do you choose innovation and growth over silo-thinking and protectionalism?

Start thinking about what is working 

  • Challenge assumptions.  Take a look at the video below
  • Consider how to use your differences rather than trying to look for compromise
  • Stop figuring out how you can achieve win / win and start thinking about how everyone can gain

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