Exploit the untapped potential in your organisation – making the impossible possible.

Delivering ‘bottom-line’ results is fundamental to the success of most organisations.  As we start to move out of recession, creating a strategy to achieve significantly more than incremental growth which is 100% owned by the top team is an exciting and profitable opportunity.

We have recently created a project for a global client that resulted in a plan to deliver levels of growth and income they instinctively knew were possible and yet until now have been unable to make a reality.

Over the last few years, the world has seen many new organisations develop and prosper, particularly in the technology space – think of Twitter and newer innovations such as WhatsApp and Instagram.  At the same time, other more traditional players have had to totally reinvent themselves or continue to decline.  Remember the days when you drove to the video shop?  Now it is all about who controls the remote!  The need to change to survive has become a familiar mantra.

Delivering a growth strategy is an ambition that many organisations now strive for – some are really successful and others continue to invest heavily without achieving the bottom line gains they know are possible.  So where does it fall down and is it possible to not only deliver, but significantly exceed performance expectations?

Our Not So Secret Formula

Unlike Coca-Cola our formula is no secret.  But the way it is applied will determine success.

  • Our process is a combination of rigorous analysis, innovation, implementation, shifting mind-sets, employee engagement and results
  • We challenge pre-conceived ideas and assumptions about performance and market conditions, encouraging people to think in a different way about what could be possible
  • We find creative ways to use employees to innovate – after all, they know your organisation, market and customers best
  • We help people to co-create an exciting future, which makes getting buy-in redundant and planning easy.  We work on the principle of inclusion rather than exclusion
  • We show people how to change their thinking, resulting in a new common-sense way of behaving.  People are capable of achieving amazing things if the organisation supports them to do it
  • We help leaders learn and grow through the process, making it fun and motivating along the way

Case Study – Summer 2014

This story is about a recent client who knew that significant growth was possible and wanted a results-driven approach that used their people as a source of innovation.

A Business Challenge

The case relates to a global Medical Devices organisation.  In an industry where there is a strong market share in mature European markets, our client was constantly disappointed that their share of the UK market was well below expectations.  This was a particularly pressing issue as even at that level, the UK presented a significant percentage of their profits.

The UK leadership were a passionate and driven team, working flat out to deliver the impressive incremental growth being achieved year-on-year.  There was a commonly held assumption that with fierce competition in the private Medical Devices UK sector, combined with on-going cuts to NHS budgets, there was very limited scope to increase market share beyond the 2 or 3% growth per year they were achieving.

Questions of Difference were appointed to help deliver a new practical approach to enable the organisation to deliver its untapped potential.

Shifting Mind-sets

With a Leadership Team who were receptive to new ways of working, we embarked on a process to relentlessly challenge existing assumptions and determine what could be possible.  It was important to do this in a way that was grounded in the reality of the customers and employees of the business.

Over 3 months we worked with the client to create, facilitate and engage 3 key teams in the process.  From senior leaders to front-line customer facing staff, we designed and delivered innovative workshops, challenged long-held beliefs and coached teams and individuals, all while encouraging radical thinking and courageous leadership.

An exciting new ambition began to emerge, born from the catalyst of shifting the aspirational target.  From not quite believing that a significant increase in market share was achievable, to creating a world of possibilities, we started to refocus thinking.  A relentless belief about how every idea needed to hold the possibility of achieving a very significant increased market share was key to success.

New Behaviours

New ideas began to encourage creativity and people started to think bolder than ever before.

Inspired by a compelling picture of what could be possible, new foundations were built, ideas that previously seemed unthinkable were piloted, exciting go-to-market initiatives were introduced and new relationships with customers forged.  Gone were the days of heavy PowerPoint based meetings, replaced by a Leadership Team that had created a 3 Year Plan they passionately knew was exciting, engaging and within their gift to deliver.


The Global Executive have signed up to and significantly invested in the 3 Year Plan.  The UK Organisation has embarked on a new journey, confident that their ambitious goals will deliver the exceptional business results they aspire to.  Employees have a renewed sense of optimism, proudly talking about the part they can play in the success.  The change in how people are thinking and what they now believe is possible is a remarkable transformation.   The passion with which they have sold their plan to the organisation and the speed of implementation makes us confident that this process will deliver radical growth for other organisations.

Client Feedback

“You have been tremendous.  We have a new hunger in our organisation.  We have changed our mind-set.  We can be Number 1.  It is an underestimation to say the project has exceeded expectations.”

“The speed of what has been achieved in 3 short months is incredible.  Our ambition is massively exciting and we must now replicate this in other parts of the business.”

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