Thank goodness for scissors!

Starting a new job is often daunting – it is always such a learning curve.  My first week wasn’t helped when I bought a coffee the size of guitar case for a colleague, when she only wanted a small one; followed by getting my ruck-sac strap caught in the wheels of my office chair whilst diving for the phone  – thank goodness for scissors!  Well I survived – and actually thrived on it!

Sitting with a friend in a pub two weeks in she asked me how it was going.  I was glad to be able to say that I am really enjoying it.  I’m lucky to be working in such a great central location, in a new environment with creative thinking people, who I find motivating.  I like working with people who love what they do. It makes the office focused, resourceful and fun.  What I have found really great is that I feel included.  In the past I have not often been included in discussions on decision making – just normally informed of what is happening after the event.  It’s great to feel I have a voice – it makes the difference.   So glad I made the decision to change and am really enjoying it and looking forward to the future and what it holds.

My challenge to organisations is:   Are you using the full potential of everyone in your organisation – including your professional support staff?  Are they motivated; confident, happy and feeling challenged and included?