What was the challenge?

Lloyd’s Market Services was facing a challenge of identity. Having previously worked supporting Lloyd’s “names” the Chatham based department was now faced with the need to adapt and develop a new focus for its services within the corporation. We were commissioned to support the new director in his vision to create a new Market Services culture, by engaging all of his staff in a dynamic conversation about working with the corporation in the future.

The key objectives identified were – to celebrate the successes within Market Services and build a positive platform for change, to raise the profile of Market Services with the corporation in London and reduce a perceived divide, to create collective ownership of the business strategy and to develop a customer focussed and flexible culture in which feedback was relished.


How did we work together?

The Shaping the Future project developed by Questions of Difference in partnership with Lloyd’s Market Services had three key components:

  • The Viewfinder programme: to develop a network of internal change agents
  • A Shaping the Future small working group, whose role was to act on the findings of the ViewFinder programme
  • A management team away day focussing on leadership skills and Market Services’ Strategy in advance of a corporation wide management event

What was the Viewfinder programme?

The Viewfinder programme involved training Market Services staff using internal facilitators from Lloyds to co-facilitate staff workshops with Questions of Difference. The role of the viewfinders was to work with colleagues throughout Market Services both 1-2-1 or in groups to support the change programme and feedback to the management team.

Viewfinders were tasked with motivating and inspiring people to participate and volunteer ideas, ensuring that everyone felt their opinion had been heard.

Did the outcome meet expectations?

The experience of the department has been one of considerable cultural change. Individuals are excited to be working within Market Services, which is now seen as a centre of excellence within the corporation. Other outcomes reported since the programme begun include:

  • Improved trust in management and increased openness of communication channels at all levels across the business
  • Improved self perception of individuals within Market Services: increased pride in their roles and teams
  • A greater willingness to accept challenges, raise new ideas and be flexible and ready to adapt
  • Staff are now asking to rotate roles internally with more frequency, so they can experience and learn from all aspects of the Market Services offering
  • Performance has improved and there is readiness to receive feedback with an open mind
  • Improved staff survey response rate to 96%, one of the highest within the corporation. Improved staff survey results across a range of measures
  • A change in atmosphere: visitors now report a “buzz” and “energy about the place”
  • People now aspire to work in market services because it is seen as a dynamic and interesting department
  • Richard Ward, CEO of Lloyd’s, described what has been achieved as “stunning”

What did Lloyds learn from the relationship with Questions of Difference?

  • That enormous changes are possible in short periods of time when we foster an atmosphere of appreciation and involvement for all
  • That people are very ready to step up to the plate when change is facilitated in an accessible way
  • The ability to challenge and to question
  • The importance of hearing and seeking out different opinions
  • The value of strong facilitation skills
  • The power of engaging the organisation from ‘the bottom up’ ensures that change naturally emerges and is owned by everyone
  • Everyone has something valuable to contribute