Our Big Opportunity – Life Beyond Covid-19 – BELIEVE ASK ACT

We have been presented with possibly the biggest choice as a world than we have ever experienced. COVID-19 has brought us to a pivotal point of choice-making that we need to grasp. The choice is clear.

One choice is that we do what many are calling for – go back to normal, back to business, get back to our past lives:  and yet I believe we all know in our heart of hearts that the normal we knew can no longer exist.

The other choice is, rather than falling back to leap forward. To reboot our world with a new normal that is driven by BELIEVING in the art of the possible and grounded in the reality of our experiences today.

What is absolutely brilliant and inspiring is that we can base our belief that our world can be different on the reality of what we are seeing today in how our world is responding to this crisis. I think we have surprised ourselves as a world with our capacity for connection, for compassionate actions in our communities, for our ability to share and innovate, to re-purpose businesses to produce what society really needs – and not least of which for our ability to isolate ourselves and find the mental energy to cope with being locked down!

If we use our current experience to understand more deeply how exactly we as a world have managed to respond differently, as well as really seeking to hear and name the challenges we are having with compassion, we can use this to give us the confidence to QUESTION. We need to question what we have seen as normal in the past with true compassion and curiosity rather than blame and accusation.

We do not have the luxury of looking back, of seeking to blame, of fighting for our old positions or perspectives. Our world simply does not have the time for us to get stuck in the dogmas, beliefs and paradigms that we have fought for and fought against for centuries. Our global narrative needs to be different and can be different if we liberate ourselves from the past and see the opportunity to reboot our thinking – together to create a world that is wealthier, healthier and happier for all.

This is the passionate plea that the growing numbers of us engaged in the Our Big Opportunity movement are making.

The starting point is for all of us, as best we can, to take care of our own well-being and that of those around us, so that we have the capacity to reimagine our world.

Please share these thoughts and look out for the invitation to join us.


Charles Irvine

Co-founder of Our Big Opportunity

Conceptual Futurist and Organisational Resultant