Introducing our new Internal Communication service

Rio de Janeiro, 2016 – the exotic venue for the next Olympic Games.

You are privileged to have been asked to lead an Olympic football team and your intention is to win Gold.  You have a track record of success.  All of your chosen squad are highly skilled and capable of winning, but before you meet them, you take a look at their recent feedback only to find that things are not quite as they seem….

You discover that only a third of the players say that they are willing to go the extra mile to win gold.  Alas, another third would be happy with any kind of medal and the remainder simply want to soak up the atmosphere and participate.

What do you do?  Fire some of them?  Find different ways to motivate them?  Share an inspiring vision of what could be possible?

Sounds like a farfetched scenario?  Think again…

Survey after survey indicates that only around one third of UK workers say they are engaged, resulting in a UK ranking of ninth for engagement levels amongst the world’s twelve largest economies as determined by GDP (Kenexa 2009). Two thirds of the UK workforce is therefore not engaged.

According to the Office for National Statistics, on an output per worker basis, UK productivity was 20 percentage points lower than the rest of the G7 in 2011.

Coincidence, or a compelling correlation with engagement levels?

With this in mind, what actions do most organisations take to change employee engagement? Find different ways to motivate them…? Undertake yet another survey…? The truth is most organisations simply maintain the status quo. If business was an Olympic sport, would these teams win gold…? It doesn’t have to be that way…

At QoD, we work with leaders to create a paradigm shift in productivity, the experience your customers receive and bottom line results through sustainable employee engagement, even in times of significant change.

We are experts in helping business leaders and functional specialists to:

  • Deliver ambitious business outcomes through creating communication and engagement strategies and plans that drive business performance.
  • Use the results of employee engagement surveys to achieve the powerful, sustainable change in engagement levels that organisations aspire to but rarely achieve.
  • Personally develop so that they are seen as role models in creating a new culture. We are different from other consultancies because:
  • We have worked in-house in organisations like yours and have an exceptional track record of success. We have been in your shoes and our advice is backed up by years of practical experience of delivery and implementation.
  • We work with leaders to change the dynamics of organisations, but always with the need to drive results and sustain the benefits in mind.

Our services include:

1. Enhancing the way your organisation communicates
A great communication approach is likely to lead to an environment in which employees feel more engaged, resulting in increased productivity and business results.

2.  Communication training and coaching for leaders, managers and specialist teams
Face to face, online or in writing, the communication activities employees experience can make a significant difference to the way they subsequently think, feel and behave.  We help people to become better communicators.

3. Improving the effectiveness of communication during periods of significant change
Change has become a way of life in most organisations.  We help employees to make sense of change and maximise the potential of new opportunities.

4. Creating an internal communication function that ‘rocks’
Internal communication teams can be the creative, dynamic heart of a business – driving positive change, continuous improvement and employee pride and advocacy.