I can’t believe I did it!

By September 11, 2014Communications, Fun, General, Ideas

Even though it was for a great cause, it still took a bit of alcohol as ‘Dutch courage’ to pour a bucket of ice cold water over my head!  I eventually did it.

Many people have been surprised at how this charity raising idea has taken the world by storm.  There are many business lessons to learn from the ice bucket phenomena and I’d like to outline a few of them:

  • Often the best ideas are the simple ones.  Coming up with practical action it is likely to have the greatest impact.
  • Clear communication is key.  Both the objectives and process need to be simple to understand.
  • Technology can be powerful if used in the right way.  Even the most unlikely of people have joined the Ice Bucket Challenge!
  • Making a human connection makes an enormous difference.  When friends (or alleged friends!) nominate you for a challenge, it’s hard to say no.

The last point is perhaps the most powerful for me.  At Questions of Difference we are great at finding simple ways that enable people and organisations to make simple, impactful human connections.  I’m interested to hear what human connection has made the biggest difference to people in your  organisation?