Feedback (like a puppy) isn’t just for Christmas

It’s that time of year again, I wait in anticipation for my review. Much as my friends might disagree – I find it difficult to talk about my strengths! Fortunately the process we have at Questions of Difference makes that so much easier. By asking a selection of people we work with to reflect on some simple questions and provide written feedback in advance of our reviews really helps. It sets the frame for a good discussion and is all there in black and white! So what were the questions I hear you ask?

  • What three words would you use to describe Anne?
  • What do you value about the way she works?
  • What do you see as her particular strengths?
  • What do you think she could do differently?
  • Is there a particular impact that she has had that you would like to mention?

And on those “glass half empty” days when my focus tends to be on things I don’t do, rather than those I do brilliantly, what a great opportunity to dig out my feedback to reinforce what I do well and what I bring to the table. Perhaps I should have it taped to the mirror so I can read it every morning!