The Excellence in Education Scholarship Fund (EESF) – Guest blog by Aggripina Mosha

It is my privilege to tell the story of how the EESF was born.

Having seen the difficulty families from underprivileged backgrounds in Tanzania experience to educate their children during his work with the Pan African Leadership Programme, Charlie asked what he could do to help and how we could make a difference.  Through great conversations we developed the idea for the Excellence in Education Scholarship Fund Tanzania (EESF) and the scheme was launched in 2008 with sponsorship from Questions of Difference.  To-date EESF has enabled five girls from underprivileged backgrounds to receive quality education through this funding.  All candidates selected for sponsorship faced diverse hardships which deterred them from achieving their academic potential.

The outcome of the EESF support is remarkable.  The girls exhibit more confidence and contentedness and have achieved academic excellence in their studies. They hold leadership roles in their respective colleges and communities and their parents and guardians appreciate the value of education. They have become better future leaders; leaders who ultimately are role models in support of their family members and leaders who will positively influence their communities.

Tausi Ramadhani has been sponsored through primary and is now in secondary education

Happiness has been sponsored from lower to advance level secondary education

Elizabeth Kabyemela is studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering

Doris Eugen is at  Mwenge University studying for a degree in Education

Victoria Mwenda is at St John University in Dodoma also studying Education


 “It gives me great satisfaction to see similes on the faces of those we sponsor. I am proud of their transformation, confidence and positive outlook on life.  Thank you Charlie and Questions of Difference for the role you played in changing the lives of a few among millions of disadvantaged youth in Africa”  

Aggripna Mosha

Acknowledgement from Charlie Irvine:

“Without Aggripna and her hard work none of this would have been possible.  She championed this cause and continues to work tirelessly to ensure that the girls get the support and education they need to make a difference and become great leaders.”