One of the highlights of last week was to co-facilitate a lively session at the Institute of Internal Communications (IOIC) Internal Communication Crossing Cultures Insight Seminar in London.

The event examined ways to embrace the opportunity to communicate effectively with individuals across the globe – a reality that increasing number of organisations face as they expand across borders.

In conjunction with John Smythe, a leading practitioner, author and speaker on employee engagement, our session outlined some of the latest insight from the work of the Cross Cultures group of the Engage for Success movement, examining and verifying what engages people in different regions.  With many years of practical experience of leading global internal communication teams, I’m passionate about the topic as I know how rewarding it can be when it works well.

During the event, we involved people in a taster session of a ‘Discovery Workshop’ – a tool designed for people in every organisation to facilitate a useful conversation about what engages them in their culture.   From France, to Switzerland, Slovenia, Angola and beyond, the diverse IOIC event audience in the room stimulated inspirational stories about the factors and conditions which people have personally experienced that led to true engagement.  You can imagine the buzz in the room when people began to describe periods in their careers where they were excited by their jobs and gave every ounce of their energy to the success of a project.  It was fascinating to hear the differences and also the commonalities among the people at the event, particularly relating to the degree of autonomy and control people felt they had when they were able to do their best work.

Participants were encouraged to use the tool in their own organisation following the event, applying the learning it provides to improve their own business as well as inputting into ground-breaking research that Engage for Success is undertaking.

If you would like to discuss ways to communicate more effectively with employees across the globe, or simply swap stories, we would love to hear from you.  Please do get in touch.