Our Big Opportunity – Life Beyond Covid-19 – BELIEVE ASK ACT

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We have been presented with possibly the biggest choice as a world than we have ever experienced. COVID-19 has brought us to a pivotal point of choice-making that we need to grasp. The choice is clear. One choice is that we do what many are calling for – go back…

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What could you achieve if you tapped into the power of combining selfish interests and shared intentionality?

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  The idea of establishing the conditions where executive teams can operate as truly high performing teams by surfacing their selfish interests with the view to creating shared intentionality occurred to me while I was listening to the narrated version of The Sleepwalkers by Christopher Clark. The Sleepwalkers explores the…

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What if hidden agendas were no longer hidden – would the world really come to an end?

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For many years I have challenged the notion of hidden agendas – not because I don’t believe people and organisations have agendas – but more because I believe it is natural and normal to have an agenda. By naming it as ‘hidden’ we create a power and strength to it…

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Has our inability to give and hear feedback become the silent cancer of our organisations?

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In the past 2 weeks I have worked in 3 very different organisations and cultures. One an Executive in the C suite of an organisation in the European Financial Sector, another a Global Organisation seeking to achieve system wide change and a Not for Profit organisation focusing on working with…

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