Our Big Opportunity – Life Beyond Covid-19 – BELIEVE ASK ACT

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We have been presented with possibly the biggest choice as a world than we have ever experienced. COVID-19 has brought us to a pivotal point of choice-making that we need to grasp. The choice is clear. One choice is that we do what many are calling for – go back…

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What if hidden agendas were no longer hidden – would the world really come to an end?

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For many years I have challenged the notion of hidden agendas – not because I don’t believe people and organisations have agendas – but more because I believe it is natural and normal to have an agenda. By naming it as ‘hidden’ we create a power and strength to it…

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Has our inability to give and hear feedback become the silent cancer of our organisations?

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In the past 2 weeks I have worked in 3 very different organisations and cultures. One an Executive in the C suite of an organisation in the European Financial Sector, another a Global Organisation seeking to achieve system wide change and a Not for Profit organisation focusing on working with…

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