It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The signs are already here, the lights, the songs on the radio, the decorations and the tantalising promise of a bargain in the shops.

It sometimes seems that the end of the year creeps up on us before we even know it and then like a flash it is over and we are back to business.

So before all the crazy rush why not take time to reflect on how you can enjoy the moment and make the very best of your break.  What will you be telling people you enjoyed most about it?

I personally always want the whole Bing Crosby, White Christmas scenario – a special time with family and friends, good wine, good food and snow!!!  Maybe I won’t be able to magic up the snow – but the other things are definitely possible.  Wouldn’t it be great to think that when all the presents have been unwrapped and the turkey eaten I could honestly say – that was one of my best.  To do this I will need to focus on what has been brilliant and consciously recall what I enjoyed rather than what sometimes feels easier – to switch off and moan about the stress of it all.  When we switch off in that way, what are we missing out on? So if you do find Christmas stressful – why not take the opportunity to see what you can put in place and remember what made this year a good experience.

For all of us regardless of how and what we celebrate why not use the end of the year to  reflect on what you have enjoyed and achieved, how you have surprised yourself, and how you can build on this in 2015!

So it just leaves me to say – Seasons Greetings – and every best wish for the New Year.