A-Z of our services

We have experience and expertise in many aspects of business and we hope the A-Z below helps you to find what you are looking for.

 We are happy to discuss any other needs you might have.



We help senior leaders to find the best way to solve important business issues


We enable people to consider how the assumptions they hold can help them deliver at their best.

Appreciative Cultures

We help people to reconnect with what they do well and understand the detailed successes of their organisation. This approach provides a natural and home grown impetus for change.


Business strategy

We help leaders to develop strategy, with the impact on achieving and maintaining exceptional levels of performance in mind.  We provide advice to senior teams on devising strategy that enables all individuals within organisations to best contribute to the overall vision.

Board development

We work with boards and senior teams to develop strong, sustainable relationships and develop their capability as a team.

Bespoke programmes

We only develop bespoke programmes, suited to clients’ precise needs and objectives.



We help people in organisations to find practical way to collaborate effectively to achieve your business outcomes.  This includes the effective use of social media within organisations.

Communication Consultancy

Face to face, online or in writing, the communication activities employees experience can make a significant difference to the way they subsequently think, feel and behave. We work with leaders, middle managers and specialist teams to find practical ways to improve the return on your investment in communication activities. From communication channel design and delivery, evaluation techniques, one to one coaching, and event facilitation, our approach is based on a track record of success in dramatically improving communication within global organisations.

Conflict Management and Mediation

We provide mediation and facilitation for individuals and teams in conflict. We help you to address destructive and costly dynamics to resolve current or historic differences and establish new and innovative working relationships. We provide coaching in conflict management tools and techniques for leaders, managers and internal mediators.

Change Management

We help you to make change a positive experience for your employees so that they ‘own’ new ways of working to achieve exceptional results.


We are expert personal and team coaches. We challenge our clients, asking questions that are different and ‘affirmatively disruptive’. We do not have solutions to give to people – we stretch their thinking and guide them through a journey to discover the solutions with us. This means that we also balance our challenge with care and support for our clients as they discover what is possible.



We help individuals and teams to develop so that they deliver to their potential and the organisation is successful.  We specifically develop Internal Communication and HR teams so that they become more effective partners and are better able to  drive positive change, continuous improvement and employee pride and advocacy.


We respect and seek out differences to help individuals and organisations achieve the many benefits associates with diverse workforces.


We help organisations deliver the behaviours and capability to drive ongoing success.

Direction of Travel

We help you to be clear about your desired direction of travel so that you can clearly define what success looks like and celebrate success at defined milestones on your journey.


Employee engagement

We are passionate about helping you to create an environment where people choose to be engaged, treating the business as if it were their own. We can design and deliver approaches to improve employee engagement and to attract and retain great people.

Effective teams

We help you to create highly effective teams that have the courage to have honest conversations, work exceptionally well together and deliver on their targets.


We work with you to find ways to evaluate your approach to our programmes in a practical way so that you can measure your return on investment and continue to improve.

Event design

We help you to design, deliver and facilitate employee events and conferences – large and small, creative and traditional



We are highly professional but always have fun. We believe everyone delivers at their very best when we allow ourselves to enjoy the challenges we take on.


From big events to small meetings and creative conferences, we are highly experienced facilitators who will ensure you achieve the outcomes you are looking for.

Facilitative Leadership

Facilitative leaders have the wisdom to look within themselves and their teams to lead small parts of the organisation, in synchrony with the larger organisation, towards their collective goal. We are very experiences in help leaders in your organisation to excel in ways that more traditional programmes do not always achieve.


Global experience

We have extensive, practical experience working across different cultures and countries and will work with you to find ways to achieve outstanding results from a diverse and dispersed workforce.


HR team effectiveness

Our partnership with numerous, senior HR teams has enabled them to work more effectively to create sustainable change and develop highly effective strategic partnerships with senior leaders in their organisations.


Identification of clear goals

We help you to ensure your business goals are crystal clear and easy to understand so that you can communicate them effectively to others.

Involving people in change

We support you to ensure people own and implement change programmes effectively to successfully achieve your business goals.


Journey management

We help you to create and deliver a compelling story that helps people to understand and influence the journey that your organisation is undertaking.  This will ensure actions and behaviours are aligned with your startegic direction.



We believe in ‘keeping it short and simple’. Our practical, common sense approach means that you will achieve results without making things complex. We are experienced practitioners and our solutions are based on the reality of knowing what works in organisations like yours.



We develop bespoke workshops, events and programmes aimed specifically at leaders to enhance their individual and team performance. We also provide individual coaching to ensure they are able to achieve their potential.


Merger and Acquisitions

We help organisations to communicate effectively during a merger or acquisition and work with you to integrate employees and create a culture of success within the new organisation, ensuring you immediately gain maximum value from the deal.

Making change work

We help you to reframe perceptions of change, believing that people intuitively know that some things need to change and will be delighted that the organisation is finally listening to them, and that their common sense is being heard. We work with you to ensure change is a positive experience for employees.


We have significant experience in working with teams ranging from the Board to the Front Line to resolve disputes and conflicts.

Measures of success

We work with you to understand the impact of programmes, events and communications in a simple and practical way to build on what is working.


Noticing and Naming

We help leaders, managers and teams to develop a highly effective and very practical technique inspire people and organisations to succeed. Noticing and clearly articulating exactly what is working in every situation enables people to learn from success and achieve outstanding results.

Networking events

We help you to create events where people can share ideas and learn from others, both within and outside your organisation.


Organisational design

We work with you to communicate changes to the organisation ensuring people understand the context for change and feel positive about the direction your organisation is taking.

Organisation story or narrative

Creating, sharing and involving people in a compelling story about the future of your organisation is a great way to excite and engage people to achieve your long term business goals. We can help you to create the story and then coach leaders, managers and employees in storytelling techniques.



Our partnership with you involves training internal people who bring their own expertise and experience of the organisation to each piece of work. This serves to embed capability and ensure that there is an internal team to sustain the levels of energy and motivation that are created.


Our programmes of team and personal development are designed to encourage employee advocacy and pride, resulting in sustainable business outcomes.

Personal brand development

We help people consider and create their personal brands to develop themselves and their careers. We help people to be the best they can be.



We are passionate about helping people ask great questions as we believe that people and organisations go in the direction we question them. Questioning is a craft and questions have the power to shift and move people or leave them where they are. We help people to notice and refine the impact of the questions they ask, and the direction in which they therefore take others. This simple technique can have a profound impact on business results.


Redundancies and lay-offs

It is never a nice task to let people go, but we can help you to achieve the most positive outcome for people who are directly impacted in an organisation and also their colleagues left behind.

Relationships with colleagues and stakeholders

We know that relationships can be tricky and we work with you to develop constructive and productive relationships with people in your business. These relationships range from peers, colleagues, employees, Trade Unions and others that are key to the success of your organisation.

Role modelling

We help leaders and managers to role model the values of your organisation to ensure actions are congruent with words.  We help to ensure there is no ‘say-do’ gap.



We work with leaders to clearly describe the choices the organisation makes about where it wants to be in the future.

Seventy / thirty

We believe that people and organisations learn and develop best when we focus at least 70% of our time, effort or resource rigorously analysing the detail of what is working and articulating that detail as a way of exponentially improving our performance. We help people to develop and apply this powerful concept to drive personal and team performance.

Skills transfer

Helping your teams to develop the skills to take concepts and programmes forward is part of our philosophy to make ourselves ‘naturally redundant’ within your organisation.  We work with you to transfer our skills and knowledge to your organisation for sustainable and cost effective results.

Strategic partnering

We can help to enable your shared services teams including Communication and HR to ‘get under the skin’ of your business and become value added strategic partners.

Social media

We can help organisations develop a highly effective approach to using social media internally and provide coaching for leaders, managers and communication teams to gain maximum value from this approach.

Sales teams

We can help organisations to effectively engage with employees that can be hard to reach such as sales teams.


Starfish is a simple, innovative and cost effect way to tap into the knowledge, experience and passion that people across your organisation have and make things happen – for example, raising productivity, improving quality, boosting customer service or making cost savings.

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Talent management

We help you to design and implement talent development programmes to develop people to drive performance.


We can work with you to train and coach senior and middle managers to become better communicators, including how to run effective team meetings, undertake constructive performance conversations and give feedback effectively.

Temperature Checks

We help you to regularly measure the impact of communications and programmes to ensure continuous improvement.


Untapped Potential

We can help you to drive a paradigm shift in business performance so that you achieve unprecedented levels of growth and income by exploiting the untapped potential in your organisation.


We know that managers can sometimes be promoted for their technical skills and knowledge without much experience of managing people. We can work with you to upskill managers to become better leaders and communicators so that they inspire and achieve exceptional results from their people.



We help you to create opportunities for your employees to have a meaningful voice in your organisation so that they are part of the solution to organisational challenges and ideas.

Vision and values

We work with organisations to bring their vision and values to life so that the reality that employees experience, match the words on the walls.



We work with you to create, deliver and evaluate a wide range of practical, fun and highly interactive workshops to enable you to achieve your business goals.


X- perience!

Our practical, transformative and fun approach is what makes us Questions of Difference. We promise that you will enjoy the ‘X-perience’


Yin and yang

Our approach is ‘positively affirmative’. We will challenge existing ways of working in a supportive way to help you to achieve the best business outcome.


Zest for success

We only succeed when you do and that is always our goal.