Who's in the team?

Marjoleine Hulshof

Marjoleine is an Organisational Analyst, Executive Coach and Facilitator who works with senior leaders, leadership teams and organisations in the public and private sectors in Latin America, the Caribbean, North America, Africa, Europe and Australia.

She works in a variety of cultures, sectors and organisations and is comfortable operating in five languages. Marjoleine integrates experiential and action learning with systems thinking and psychodynamic approaches to organisational transformation, including insights from new sciences, the arts and spirituality. What she most likes is to be creative and work with whatever is most helpful in the moment and for the people she works with. Marjoleine designs and delivers co-created and purposeful programmes, insisting as much on people as on results. She facilitates courageous conversations and raises generative questions. She enjoys getting her teeth in wicked problems and challenging dynamics.

Everyone has a range of talents and I am passionate about making sure individuals recognise, test and use them fully. When this happens the transformation can be phenomenal.

Annette Fleet