Fun Facilitation

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I am proud to be part of an Engage for Success taskforce that is looking at ways to engage people who work across diverse global environments from different countries, in order to promote sustained growth for individuals, organisations and ultimately countries. I was recently invited to develop and facilitate part...
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Leadership in the upturn

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You have led your enterprise through the tough times, but are you ready to make the most of the upturn? Graeme Rainbird and Charlie Irvine at Questions of Difference highlight three qualities that leaders now require. Through the years of economic crisis every organization that we have worked with has,...
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The Phoenix of Conflict

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Fire is an interesting metaphor – businesses are continually looking for sparks of innovation, igniting employees’ enthusiasms, fanning the flames of success, markets heat up and entrepreneurs blaze trails. These are all positive. However we also know that if not carefully managed fires can rage out of control, people can...
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