The Mummy Returns

By October 23, 2014Change, Culture, Development

I’ve recently returned to work after a year away. During that time I have been honing my skills in project management to almost military precision and anticipating challenges and risks.  My ability to read non-verbal cues and adapt my approach in the moment has been tested to the utmost.  Competing priorities have become my watchwords and I truly appreciate the value of the proverbial “living in the moment”. My other half and I have been learning how to stop, and through an unmitigated fog of fatigue , remain calm and move forward as a highly functioning team. Yes you guessed it we have become parents.

It is the same world yet everything looks a little different now. We notice things through our daughters eyes as well as our own, and the rate of her change and development is simply breathtaking. As my other half says, “You actually can’t think about it all too much as it will make your brain hurt”. The funny thing is I can’t remember any different. Even though it’s only been a year I simply cannot recall what life was like before. Apart from some vague memories of being able to get out the door in 5 minutes in a last minute decision to go to the cinema it is all a blur. How very odd!

When the moment of my return to work arrived,  I needed to adapt into yet another different dynamic. It seems different and new whilst reassuringly familiar at the same time.

As change arrives in whatever form, we can often find ourselves meeting it in different ways. At times we can plan ahead, putting in strategies to anticipate what will happen. Other times we batten down the hatches, protecting ourselves and the status quo,  worrying for the future and the implications that this change will have on us and the way we have always worked. At other times we embrace the difference, the uncertainty and the chance to learn new things from the new environment, relishing the opportunity to look at something with a fresh perspective. Sometimes we choose to remember and talk about how good/bad it was before whilst sometimes we just cannot recall what that was even like.

Over this last year and as I look ahead I have committed to remember 3 things:

1)      Rather than seeing change as the bearer of problems to be solved, I will can see it as an opportunity to learn.

2)      How I choose to respond to people and situations in the moment will have an impact far wider than I can plan for or foresee.

3)      Enjoy it now as it will all be a distant memory one day!

When you think of times of big change in your world what do you now see as important lessons to remember?  We would love to hear from you.