I had the pleasure of facilitating a table discussion to help shape the future of the Communication Profession, as well as acting as a ‘guru’ on the topic of Successfully Implementing Change at an International Association of Business Communicators event last week.  The event was called ‘Power to the People’ – a topic inspired by the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, a foundation of freedom for the individual.

The need for authentic leadership, as well as an ability to both listen to and create a dialogue across organisations were key issues on the mind of many of my fellow professionals.  The theory that ‘nobody is as smart as everybody’ promoted some good conversations about practical ways large businesses can use employees effectively to co-create and ‘own’ business solutions.

Charlie held a session on that very theme – talking about some work we recently did with a global Medtech company that resulted in a plan to deliver unprecedented levels of growth and income.  He highlighted the fact that the very best consultants in an organisations are their employees – the people that know their customers, culture and systems best.  Galvanising their energy and creativity is often the secret to unlocking the potential of an organisation.   As always, it was a fun and thought provoking discussion.  The Simply-Communicate team enjoyed it as well and we were pleased to feature in their review.

Charlie’s session ended with a story about elephants and I came away with a clothes peg which has pride of place on my desk and makes me think every time I look at it!  You can hear the story for yourself here