Finding a better way to respond to business challenges

By October 1, 2014General

The City of London, sometimes known as the square mile, is not only the oldest and most historic part of London, it’s the world’s leading international financial and business centre with the unusual ratio of 33 times more workers than residents.  Walk the streets on a typical Friday afternoon and the bars are buzzing with an energy that’s unique in its intensity.

And yet, our clients are telling us that beneath the surface, for many brokers and financial institutions, times remain very tough.  A combination of squeezed margins, unprecedented regulation, intense competition and significant insurance losses are increasingly taking their toll.

So what does an organisation do in times of adversity?  A common solution, particularly towards the year end is to find ways of balancing the books – with headcount reductions, a freeze on recruitment, reduced training and travel budgets and even a ban on stationary orders!  Sound depressingly familiar?

At Questions of Difference, we believe there is another way…

Sometimes it’s hard to think of new ways of doing things, particularly when under pressure, and it’s easy to revert to tried and tested solutions.  But as the saying goes “do the same thing and you are likely to get the same result” – and the cycle starts again!  But what if current assumptions and pre-conceived ideas were really challenged?  What if people were encouraged to think in a different way about what could be possible?  What if a unique combination of individuals from across the organisation were encouraged to come together and come up with brilliant, innovative solutions – after all, they know your organisation, market and customers best?  What could be different in your organisation if mind-sets started to shift just a little?

Helping to  find unique solutions to seemingly impossible business challenges is just one of the things we are known for.    Why not get in touch to find out more?