Employee Engagement Health-check

Questions of Difference are pleased to introduce a new service – an independent and specialist review of the way your organisation engage employees. It is designed to build on what is working in your organisation, generating maximum impact through minimum effort.

 Why is it important?

Numerous surveys have indicated that around one third of UK workers say they are engaged.  Just imagine what it would be like when there is 100% engagement – both for individuals and their families as well as your customers and business. There is plenty of evidence showing a clear correlation between engagement levels, employee productivity, customer satisfaction and business results.

 Questions for you

  • How engaged are your employees?
  • What impact does the level of engagement in your organisation have on the customer experience and your business results?
  • Is your engagement strategy currently delivering the improvements that you are seeking to achieve?
  • What’s working that you can build on?
  • How can you sustain and even improve employee engagement levels during times of change?

 The Health-check Service

Our health-check service includes an assessment of how your organisation is engaging employees, based on:

  • Best practice established by the Engage for Success movement.
  • Our many years of expertise developed through hands-on experience in organisations.
  • The practices that currently work well within your organisation.
  • The renowned suite of Questions of Difference concepts including learning from the detail of what is working.
  • Our evolving research about what makes change successful in organisations.

The results of your health-check will enable you to create and deliver a robust engagement strategy, aligned to your business strategy and goals.

What does the Health-check Service involve?

Every health-check will be tailored to the needs of individual organisations.   Activities are likely to include:

  • Senior stakeholder interviews to determine levels of buy-in to your engagement strategy and approach.
  • Employee focus groups to understand how much of a voice they have and how involved they feel in the business.
  • A review of the impact of your communications to test the strength of the strategic narrative.  Do employees understand and feel excited by your vision and core purpose?  Is there congruence between what the organisation is saying and their experience?
  • A review of the actions taken following results from your employee engagement survey to determine how effective they have been.

What will the outputs be?  How can we use it to make a difference?

Following the research, we will produce a full report and present the results back to you and key stakeholders.  The report will contain simple, practical recommendations which will have the potential to create a paradigm shift in productivity, the experience your customers receive and bottom line results through sustainable employee engagement, even in times of significant change.

We can help you to implement the recommendations if you require.

What’s the cost?

The engagement service is not a resource intensive exercise, either in terms of time or money.  We will always leave a positive footprint on your organisation.

Want to know more?

Please contact Larraine Solomon for more information: Larraine@questionsofdifference.com