Changing the world

It’s not often that you get to work with an organisation that helps to change the world, which is why I am always excited by the opportunity to partner with the Intellectual Property and Science division of Thomson Reuters.

It’s a business that’s focused on helping innovators across the globe – individuals who are agents of change and who have dedicated their careers to scientific, engineering and technical progress.  Today’s innovators often rely on Thomson Reuters to power their work; helping them to discover, protect and then commercialise new ideas.  It’s a business that helps people, organisations and governments to imagine and create a better tomorrow.  The work they do is both powerful and profound.

Over the last few months, I’ve been privileged to work alongside Thomson Reuters as they restructured the business, helping 4,000 of their employees across the globe to be able to contribute to shaping an inspirational future for their customers and their organisation.

My latest project has involved being part of a team that developed and delivered a 4-day conference for 700 senior relationship managers in Arizona.  Drawing on the Thomson Reuters Predicting the world in 2025 report, it was both challenging and exciting to help to paint a picture for participants of what the world is likely to look like ten years from now, stimulating discussion about how they can partner even more effectively with their customers to make this a reality.  From solar becoming the largest source of energy on our planet, to being able to prevent type 1 diabetes, to the use of drones in medicine, to DNA mapping at birth so that diseases can be prevented later in life, the whole team felt proud to be able to contribute in some way to creating the world of tomorrow.

The need to challenge the way participants are thinking and engage them in new ways of working meant that as a member of the design team, we also needed to challenge our own thinking and assumptions.  The passion of the group to deliver outstanding results, the good natured collaboration across boarders and an ability to retain great humour when under pressure ensured a perfect harmony between being very outcome focused and creating an inspirational, fun workplace.

At Questions of Difference, we love cultivating deep relationships and partnerships.  Working with clients as part of a team, developing an in-depth understanding of their business agenda, and feeling as excited as they do about their vision or goal is an important part of what we do.  It enables us to help find and apply practical solutions to complex people and business challenges so that you can achieve extraordinary results.